Renting a penthouse in Tehran

Renting a penthouse in big cities, such as Tehran, has become popular recently. People with high income prefer to rent a penthouse rather than blocking a huge amount of money by buying one. Penthouses in Tehran are rare. They are mostly resided in the northern parts of this big city, in regions such as Zaferanieh, Ajoudanieh, Jordan, Aghdasieh and Niavaran. These regions of Tehran are located on higher altitude, therefore a better view over entire city along with better weather than other parts of Tehran are two main benefits of renting a penthouses in these parts. Along with that, usually by renting a penthouse you will enjoy extra facilities and luxurious residency while you do not have to take care of extra expenses, such as taxes or other costs for maintaining the penthouse.


Important points about renting a penthouse in Tehran


There are several important points that you have to be aware of while renting a penthouse in Tehran. Like renting a penthouse in any other cities all around the world, you have to pay attention to details. You are spending a lot of money on renting a penthouse, therefore you should receive the best service possible. Interior design of penthouse especially in kitchen, number of high tech facilities inside the penthouse, number of parking lots, general condition of building, location and age of the building itself are important factors which should be considered before renting these types of properties. 
In Tehran, there are three different common ways for paying a penthouse’s rent. In the normal way, you will pay part of the rent as deposit and the other part will be paid monthly. Some landlords prefer to receive the entire money all as deposit. For very luxury penthouses daily payment of rent is also possible. The latter is more practical for renting a penthouse for short time, such as for holiday’s residency or for your stay during a short business meeting. 




What are the important steps for renting a penthouse in Tehran?


To find a suitable penthouse for your family, you need to define your expectations first. The variety of penthouses and specific facilities that each can provide is huge and in this case, you need to make sure of what you are looking for. Through this step, you need to define the preferred location and size of penthouse you are looking for, the amount of rent you are willing to pay, duration of your stay and other facilities that during this time are important for you. 
In the next step, you need to hire an experienced and trustworthy real state agent. Remember that not all agents have sufficient experience in renting penthouses. Hiring more than one agent can be useful, as the number of choices you may have will be increased and that would let you to pay more attention to details of each property you visit. 
The last step would be visiting the property as well as a meeting with the owner. This step is particularly important, as no one can give you better information about the penthouse as the landlord. You need to know about all the details regarding the penthouse you are about to rent, neighborhood, general rules of the apartment and probable extra expenses than the rent. In the meantime, you are going to have a contract with the landlord so these meetings and visits can provide you a great opportunity to know him better. 

Like any other types of real states, renting a penthouse is not an easy task. You have to invest a lot of time to make sure nothing is going to ruin the joy of leaving in a penthouse for you and your family.