Penthouses in Iran

Among all different types of apartments and houses, penthouses are interestingly popular all around the world. Penthouses are mostly believed to be the essence of modern lifestyle and high class living in different cities all around the world. Penthouses usually are big, luxurious, convenient and modern properties with panoramic views which are located in the city center. People with high income prefer to either rent or buy a penthouse, as any economical fluctuations in any parts of the world has minor effect on the total value of these types of properties. Buying or renting a penthouse in any country is a safe investment and Iran is not an exception.  


Facilities of Penthouses in Iran


Like any other cities all around the world, in big cities of Iran different types of penthouses have been built and are popular. In some cities such as Tehran, most of the penthouses are resided in the northern parts of the city, yet in other cities such as Isfahan, you can find some penthouses which are resided in the city center. 
Penthouses in Iran cover a wide range of facilities. Usually those penthouses which are resided on top of towers above big cities, such as Tehran, can provide breathtaking views. You can find penthouses with 360 degree panoramas in Tehran. These penthouses are usually built in a way so that they can enhance their enviable position. Floor to ceiling windows are one of the common features in these types of penthouses. The latter can take the most advantage from the natural light of the day as well as spectacular view.
Some of the penthouses have their own gym. This means that after a long day, once you are back to your five star residency, you can enjoy doing exercises in a modern and private gym inside your home. 
Other common facilities are also considered in decorating and building most of the penthouses in different cities of Iran.  These facilities include roof garden, swimming pool, private lift and entrance, high tech heating system, en-suite bathrooms, motion sensor lights, inbuilt televisions with plasma screen and a split level property.




Cost of penthouses in Iran 


Penthouses in general are expensive properties but their prices change considerably based on the city and the province where they are resided in. However, this is true that penthouses do follow the general trend of real state market in different countries, as well as in Iran. In bigger cities, such as Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan and Tabriz, where real state is expensive in general, penthouses are also more expensive in comparison to other smaller cities. 
In cities like Tehran, penthouses in different regions of city can also have different prices. This is mostly due to the fact that, most of penthouses in Tehran are built in the northern part of of Tehran, due to better weather and higher altitude which provides better views of city. Penthouses in these provinces, which are named such as Ajoudanieh, Kamranieh, Niavaran and Jordan, can be more expensive than those penthouses which are in other parts of the city such as Shahrak-E-Gharb. 


Buying and Renting penthouses in Iran


There is a variety of penthouses available  both for renting or buying in different parts of Iran. You can specify the city you would like to live in, location of the penthouse, facilities and in case you want to rent a penthouse, you should specify your residency duration. With these information you can hire a trustworthy real state agent in Iran who is familiar with laws and regulations and who is expert enough to help you through this process. Following these steps, you can have your desired penthouse in any parts of Iran easily and quickly.