Penthouse for sale in Tehran

Penthouses are luxurious, fully equipped and huge apartments which are usually resided on the top floor of buildings. These type of properties, usually have a panorama spectacular view of city or other natural landscapes such as sea or mountains. Penthouses are unique and usually people with high income prefer to rent or buy a penthouse in big cities such as Tehran.


Why a penthouse in Tehran?


Penthouses are one of the most popular types of properties all around the world as well as in Tehran.  Along with the fact that these properties are built with high quality materials in  best regions of Tehran, one have to consider that buying a penthouse is a safe investment in general. No matter how fluctuated the economy of a country is, investigation in penthouses is a safe one which can bring a joyful life with itself!
Metropolis of Tehran is the heart of Iran where modern high rise developments has taken place in it recently. Modern buildings along with the variety of architecture and internal design has turned Tehran to one of the best destinations for  penthouse lovers. Penthouses of Tehran cover a wide range of sizes and facilities and are built in different parts of this huge city. The aforementioned factors have turned renting and buying penthouses to an easy task which ensure all the clients on finding their dream penthouses with the best conditions possible.
Tehran has several subdivisions, however modern and luxurious penthouses are mostly built in the northern part of Tehran. Regions called as Gheitarieh, Ajoudanieh, Niavaran, Jordan, Aghdasieh and  Kamranieh. As most of the northern regions of Tehran are established on higher altitude and have better weather conditions, penthouses which are resided in these regions are particularly interesting and popular. 
However, northern parts of Tehran are not the only parts where penthouses are resided. In other regions, such as Shahrk-E-Gharb, you can also find spacious, luxury, modern and beautifully designed penthouses, both for rent and sale.


طراحی پنت هاوس، فروش پنت هاوس، اجاره پنت هاوس، خرید پنت هاوس


How to buy a penthouse in the metropolis of Tehran


The procedure of buying or renting a penthouse in Tehran is not so much different than other cities all around the world. As initial steps, you need to define what you are looking for. You need to specify the location, facilities you would like to have in your penthouse, your budget and several other important details. This is mainly due to the reason that it can filter available accommodations and lead you to your desired penthouse faster. The second and the most important step is to find a trustworthy real state agent. This is particularly important as your agent should be expert enough in the field of selling penthouses. Remember that not all real state agents are experts in selling penthouses; while some of them are more experienced in the renting procedure of these types of properties others might be a great help for you to buy or saling a penthouse. 
The last step is visiting the property. This step is particularly important. As these properties are expensive you need to be aware of all the dark and bright aspects of the penthouse you are going to buy. To this end, you need to visit the property multiple times and arrange meetings with the owner of penthouse. The owner is the only person who can help you in this regard because he has all the information about the property, the building regulations and the neighborhood. These factors may seem minor and not important in the first step, but they can make a huge difference once you move in to your new penthouse and start living there.